Sunday, June 14, 2015

States Of Conciousness

Pagan Picnic 2015-06-06 21

I don't see how someone could go into a trance with the size and volume of the speakers surrounding this young musician. Maybe when I was her age I did. After my first sequence of shots of the band I wandered off. Soon after they started playing something I could sing along to and pulled me back in. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

Out late again last night, no comments written. It's opera season in The Lou.                         

Pagan Picnic 2015-06-06 20


Stefan Jansson said...

She really enjoys it.

John said...

The percussionist pictured is demonstrating how to really play. In this case music. Have you ever noticed that in order to do something really well, the best way is to not THINK one's way through the venture? Musicians learn how to do this. Rather than perform a series of notes, in a certain order, at a known rate, with a known applicative style - they just feel the music moving from within, moving through them. In a culture that prizes linear plodding through just about everything, such a skill does not come easily. Closing of the eyes, even partially, helps keep linear logic based understanding from interrupting the process.

Jack said...

Excellent images, Bob, especially the second. I wonder if she has ear plugs. (Many musicians use them.)

William Kendall said...

She does seem lost in the music.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Sometimes I wish I could meditate and put myself into a relaxed trance.. it's never going to happen :) Enjoy the opera season Bob!