Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Noble Dwayne Sargent & Friends

Annie Malone Parade 2013-05-19 9

We got a lot of Shriners around here. It's a branch of Freemasonry. This being St. Louis, we have black Shriners and white Shriners. The former are always part of the Annie Malone parade and I've gotten some good pictures of them in the past (like this and this). Here are a couple more.

I couldn't get the color correction right on these to save my life. Need to take a class or find an online tutorial. Crummy light that day.       

Annie Malone Parade 2013-05-19 10


cieldequimper said...

Fantastic truck to parade in!

William Kendall said...

So that's where the Shriners come from?

I do like that truck!

Stefan Jansson said...

Never heard about them before I will have check out your link.