Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Arise, Thou Mighty Bunny

Forest Park Balloon Race 2102 4

The Great Forest Park Balloon Race is not a race in the traditional sense with victory going to the fastest. All the balloons ride the same wind. They call it a hare and hounds event, and I suppose the pun is intended. The Energizer Bunny balloon, sponsored by the eponymous battery maker, takes off first. The rest start to follow several minutes later, launching one after the other. The winner is the chase balloon that lands nearest to the bunny. The event makes the news but somehow the winner is never announced, like anybody cares.

So here's a series of shots of the great pink wabbit being inflated and soaring off above the crowd. I'd be careful of that hole in the bunny's bottom if I were in the crew.

Forest Park Balloon Race 2102 5

Forest Park Balloon Race 2102 6 

Forest Park Balloon Race 2102 7

 Forest Park Balloon Race 2102 8

Forest Park Balloon Race 2102 9

 Forest Park Balloon Race 2102 10


Olivier said...

c'est pas beau de regarder sous la jupe des lapines ;))
superbe ce ballon gonflable, j'aime bien avec l’hélicoptère autour , on se rend bien compte de la taille

Stefan Jansson said...

That is a cool balloon.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Now that's not something you see everyday Bob, pink pigs flying by sure, but bunnies, no way haha!

William Kendall said...

"Be vewy quiet. We're chasing wabbits."

Had to say it...

Excellent shots, Bob!

Nathalie said...

Winner never announced, that's my kinda race !

Love your photos, especially the first and the one before last (amazing dark circle with that pink hole in the middle...)

Nathalie said...

I guess I particularly like the first one because you really get to see the activity on the ground and also because it's the one where the sky has the most texture and color (as you mentioned before, the very white bland sky doesn't help).

JM said...

Way too funny, the bunny! :-)