Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You Say You Want A Revolution

Occupy St. Louis 4

The Occupy Wall Street movement comes to St. Louis. They have been hanging out around Kiener Plaza with their signs and leaflets. Hundreds of people passed them by on their way to the Cardinals game, mostly ignoring them. (The Cards lost 3 - 2.)

I find this so refreshing. I am sick of Tea Party rant and ready to hear some good old-fashioned left wing rant instead. Candidly, our household's politics are left of center, although not extremely so. We are outraged by the growing stranglehold on our country by the very rich, whether individuals or corporations. We are appalled by Republicans who characterized moderate tax increases on the wealthy as class warfare. Holy bleep, who's been screwing whom?

This blog advertises its own occasional rant and, there, you got one. You can check these folks out online at I think I'm going to go visit them tomorrow during the day.

There are still more pix from the Highland Games. Maybe we'll get back to them.

Occupy St. Louis 2

Occupy St. Louis 3

Occupy St. Louis 1


Olivier said...

le retour des années "flower power", c'est bien ce retour dans le passé

Carraol said...

Great post and images, hopefully this movement spread all over the world, we all need winds of change against greed of the few (99% Strong - said the posters).
About the button thing in the blog, it has it, is just a player with pause or stop. Get well soon and thanks a lot for visiting!

Bron said...

Great to see this movement spreading. There are moves here in Australia for our protest, which I will be attending. It's so good to see people finally standing up to corporate greed. Us little guys need to unite and also provide a rebuttal to the awful Tea Party. :-)

Halcyon said...

If only these people had any real impact. I feel like things on Wall Street / in Washington will never really change. :(
Glad that people believe in something though! said...

I remember college in the 60's in Washington, D.C. There were so many protests and activism. "Power to the people."

It is indeed depressing to have the huge influence of money in politics, and the short attention span of the public, the media concentration on petty matters instead of an in depth analysis of issues, the the sound-bite, "swift-boat" style attack tactics. It seems to have made the politicians incapable of governing responsibly.

Nathalie said...

I can only support you in your rant, Bob. And I find it hard to call it a rant too. Perhaps a wake-up call would be a more appropriate name for it?

JM said...

It seems the 'Occupy' movement is getting everywhere in the world and it shouldn't be ignored. We're all on the same boat, after all!

Bibi said...

I agree with Olivier! And down with corporate power....

gerlad said...

washington d.c.,thats where protests should be, marching around white house.
thats the guy that promised change
when do we go there ?

Virginia said...

Try living down here if you think you've had a belly full.

Choppography said...

Peace, love, doooooope! I may be right of center, Bob, but I think we both agree the state of the union is void of quality leadership.

Everybody needs the occasional rant.