Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Wish It Were So SImple

2001-10-06 Occupy STL 4

I'm writing this late Friday night in a suburb of Chicago. Long drive from STL, bad construction and traffic delays, and now I'm just tired. So, a few more scenes from the Occupy St. Louis encampment in Kiener Plaza. The viewer may draw his or her own conclusions.

Free day in Chicago today. Besides the usual museums, I may go find where the Occupiers hang out in this city. I hear it's by the Board of Trade, the country's major commodities exchange.

But most important of all, the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Phillies 1 - 0 to clinch the first round of the baseball playoffs. Philadelphia had the best record of all during the regular season. The Cards now advance to the National League Championship Series against Milwaukee. Happy happy joy joy.

2001-10-06 Occupy STL 5

2001-10-06 Occupy STL 6

2001-10-06 Occupy STL 7


brattcat said...

great shots, bob!

Birdman said...

Let's get SERIOUS! Baseball. I had a 'good feelin' about the Cards last night. The dream Series RED SOX vs phillies... Poof! hahahaha I love it. Money can't buy happiness. Ok, nest set of games... sad for you the Cards run ends here. Brew-crew and Rangers in WS. Let the Games begin! Your take?

Regina K said...

Go Cards! Many of us are faced with uncertain job forecasts! said...

I left my office in downtown Phoenix yesterday, called Julie's mother, and we lamented the Diamondbacks loss, but I got to tell her that I was on my way home to watch the Cardinals game, which I was recording, and if the Red Birds win, I will be more that satisfied despite the departure of the Diamondbacks.

JM said...

Great coverage! These people (around the world including here) have my support.

Jilly said...

Shots that really say it like it is. Excellent.