Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's For Dessert?



We sometimes think of graffiti taggers as vandals, people on the edge of society, or perhaps outlaw artists like London's Banksy. What I found around the abandoned building we've explored the last few days didn't fit those categories. How many typical taggers have a taste for elegant French desserts, or can spell properly in that language? I'm pretty sure the people in the homeless encampment down the alley are not eating a lot of souffles. Why, there's probably not a bottle of Grand Marnier among them.

This has the look of the Articans to me. But why would one of them write the word souffle on a steel support beam in the first place? You know, why not mousse au chocolat or
deep fried Snickers bar?

Green Tire



cieldequimper said...

Deep fried Snickers? Oh I'm feeling sick all of a sudden.

It is strange.

Olivier said...

trois photos qui semblent bien représenter cet endroit, j'aime bien la deuxième photo avec le pneu

Janet M Kincaid said...

My personal preference would be a crepe with nutella and bananas, but that's probably too long for that pillar... Nice photos, Bob.

brattcat said...

Maybe they cook their eggs instead of throwing them at someone.

Virginia said...

Might I point out that they left off the accent aigu? I"m trying to get brownie points with my French teacher! :)

I hate graffiti but it's too early for a full blown rant.

lewi14 said...

Very interesting photos. What a creative placeArtica is!

Ming the Merciless said...

I miss seeing GOOD graffiti art. There aren't a lot of graffiti here in Bangor, ME and the few I've seen were simply attempts at deface public property.