Monday, October 25, 2010

Swing Batter Batter

Cricket Batsman 1

Baseball season is over except in San Francisco and Dallas-Ft. Worth, but it's always cricket season somewhere in the world. I was cruising around Forest Park yesterday suffering from the dreaded brain-and-eye cramp syndrome, looking for anything to shoot. I found some Indian guys playing pick-up cricket on one of the athletic fields. Bingo.

I've never attended a cricket match but I've seen it on TV around the former British Commonwealth. We've been to India a couple of times, where it's played everywhere. The batsman below lived for many years in Varanasi, where we saw boys playing the game on the ghats, the steps leading down to the sacred Ganges, holding the wickets in piles of cow dung. Still have only the vaguest idea of how the scoring works.

Tomorrow: a fast bowler.

Cricket Batsman 2


Olivier said...

belle ombre du batteur, j'avoue ne pas connaitre le Cricket, en France c'est un sport tres confidentiel

cieldequimper said...

Swing low sweet chariot.

billyB said...

The top picture shows the importance of keeping your eye on the ball.
Cricket seems to be played less in England now with the Indians/Pakistanis taking it over more or less as a national religion.

Virginia said...

WEll that's a new one.

Luis Gomez said...

Great images. These are very nice Rob.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Pick up cricket? Does that include trash talking?