Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lawn Bowling

Cricket Bowler Composite

American sports fans, forget about Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee. We got some serious hurling going on. Sundaram here is a fast bowler, trying to blow the ball by the batsman. I did not realize the the bowler's feet completely leave the ground at one point in the delivery. Cricket bats have a lot more surface area than the baseball variety but I know I couldn't hit one of his throws.


cieldequimper said...

Despite 7 years spent in England and having played rounders several times, I still do not understand how cricket works.
I do, however, love the sheer quintessential Britishness about it. The town green, with its immaculate lawn, the tea cups and people snoozing in deck chairs. Let's face it, when there's no bowling, cricket is slow. Nice action shots.

brattcat said...

super sequence. thanks for the poem.

Virginia said...

Very cool series this week B. I now know about as much about cricket as I do baseball. :)

Anonymous said...

"Cricket, the quintessential Indian game, was invented in England." -- some Indian blogger.

I remember traveling to the oval in Forest Park (on Cricket Drive) in the Sixties to watch expatriate and corporate-posted, middle-aged Brits, Australians, and Jamaicans work out in the four-team local league. There was even an American who'd picked up the game in the War -- everyone was very proud of his fielding ("He plays softball too!").

The influx of Desis over the past couple of decades has really raised the profile of the game -- and the level of play -- in this town. For better or worse, you now have to go to a suburban rec complex to find organized cricket -- though the Forest Park oval is still maintained, minimally -- strictly as a memorial to the old Kutis League, I think. --rick in chesterfield

Olivier said...

bel exercice de style photographique que ce lancer du joueur de cricket. tu dois avoir un beau mode rafale

Jilly said...

When I lived in Los Angeles there was a cricket team of local Brits - mostly people in the movie community. I wonder if the team still exists. Good to see it played elsewhere and fab shots Bob.

I sympathise with Virginia as I can't understand American Football however many times it's explained to me!

billyB said...

You'll notice the bowler keeps his arm straight, if he bends it that's called throwing ( or chucking where I come from) and is cheating and definitely not cricket.
One of things that so annoys strangers to the game is that playing for a draw is good result.It's not the winning that counts so much as not losing.