Friday, September 24, 2010

STL DPB On The Road: Chicago

Crown Fountain

Wandering around the city center between sessions of the conference. Above, the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. Below, first, the iconic Marina City apartments, a/k/a The Corncobs; and second, a quiet passage off busy Wacker Drive.

Really busy but Mrs. C and I did hit the Cartier-Bresson show at the Art Institute of Chicago. OH WOW. Cartier-Bresson is the god of street photography. The show is only around for about two more weeks. Any photographer who finds him or herself in the Chicago area must go.

I did not know he did a good deal of portrait work. He preferred to shoot in his subjects' homes. One client asked how long the session would last. Longer than dentistry and shorter than psychoanalysis, the artist replied.

Marina City

Passage Off Wacker Drive


Olivier said...

que choisir, 3 magnifiques photos chacune dans leur style, j'aime beaucoup la deuxieme photo, beau choix avec le b&w et l'architecture said...

Chicago is indeed a magnificent city. Julie and I have a business trip there this fall, but too late for the exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, which, incidentally, was the place of Barack and Michelle Obama's first date.

brattcat said...

That first shot is truly amazing. I'd love to see the Cartier-Bresson show. Unfortunately, I'm heading to the wrong big city this weekend.

Luis Gomez said...

What a great city Chicago is! Your shots are beautiful.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful shots; that third one is particularly outstanding.

Craig Brown said...

Henri Cartier-Bresson composed his photographs as they would appear in printed form without cropping. I suspect he would have disdained Photoshop, too.

Virginia said...

Oh did you kneel at the exhibit and give thanks?? I saw one in Paris last year and it knocked my socks off. Might be the same one. I love his portraits too.

Who is that guy in the top? I should know , but i don't. You gotta have some self confidence to let someone blow your face up that big!

Bottom shot is superbe. HCB is smiling.