Sunday, September 26, 2010

STL DPB In Chicago: Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate 2 BW

Cloud Gate (often known as The Bean) in Chicago's Millennium Park must be one of the most photographed objects in the United States. So, naturally, I felt compelled to add to the pile. Check the first link to get a better sense of the scale and shape.

Home this afternoon but we'll have a bit more from Chicago until I get some fresh local stuff.

Cloud Gate 3


Jilly said...

We have the same in Casino Square in Monaco. Same artist, same mirror but here it's called Sky Mirror. It was bought for the Principality by Lily Safra, who late husband owned the HSBC bank, so I guess she could afford it! I love your shots, Bob. Fabulous.

Jilly said...

On reflection, excuse the pun - the one in Monaco is a somewhat different shape. Same effect tho.

Virginia said...

I love the bean. Tiffany made silver earrings that shape and I have a pair of knock offs. :) (Just a little fashion factoid for your readers.)

I'd love to have a go at it. And I think I see you B. I"m waving!!!

Sharon said...

You've posted some of my favorite Chicago scenes!

Wayne said...

I knew you were in Chicago right away.

When I was there last year the bean had snow on it.

T. Becque said...

Nice b&w - I like this.