Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still In Chicago: Critical Mass

Critical Mass Riders 1

I thought the term critical mass has something to do with the minimum amount of fissionable material necessary to cause an atomic blast. Well, maybe, but in hundreds of cities around the world it refers to a swarm of cyclists who take over the streets on a mass ride. It takes place in Chicago on the last Friday of every month, leaving from Daley Plaza in the Loop, the place with the giant Picasso statue.

There were lots of good images. Above, the riders fly through the Logan Square neighborhood where U "R" Us resides.

Below: U "R" Us and special friend Claire prepare to ride.

Wrapped in the flag - of the City of Chicago.

Student photographers - with a Hasselblad!

A well-helmeted little boy finds that the base of the Picasso makes a great slide.

There is a series of Chicago pictures on Flickr here. And check out U "R" Us' post on the event, including some video.

Critical Mass - Andy and Claire

Critical Mass - Wrapped In The Flag

Photographers At Critical Mass

Critical Mass - Boy On The Picasso


Olivier said...

de tres bonnes photos, la premiere photo est techniquement superbe et j'adore la derniere, vraiment culte ;o))

lewi14 said...

I like the photo of the little boy very much. What a cute child! Wonderful shots!

Eleonora said...

That first image has the power of an atomic blast, no wonder the event's called critical mass!!


brattcat said...

I thought critical mass was something that happens in church when the flock strays.

T. Becque said...

The top photo is fun, lots of tension in it with the blur and man's expression.

Gunn said...

Nice shots!:)

nathalie in avignon said...

Just like Olivier I'll select the top and bottom one as my very favorite, the top one being the most interesting technically (wow !!!) and the bottom one the cutest ever!

Virginia said...

A bunch of bikers in mass tying up traffic. That happens on a regular basis here.

Now the top one is excellent. I could never have gotten that shot, but the bottom one wins my heart as well.
Nice to see A and his amie again too!:)

Ming the Merciless said...

Cute baby!