Wednesday, September 8, 2010

St. Louis Blues

Big Muddy Blues Festival 6

Official theme song of this post here.

One of last weekend's attractions was the Big Muddy Blues Festival, a free event sponsored by the merchants (which mostly means saloon keepers and restaurant owners) of the Laclede's Landing entertainment district, along the Mississippi just up from the Arch. Very crowded and tough shooting conditions but here are some images of the performers.

Big Muddy Blues Festival 1

Big Muddy Blues Festival 3


Olivier said...

belle expression sur la première photo et un très bon choix du b&w, cela fait encore mieux ressortir l'intensité du chanteur

cieldequimper said...

Saint Louis Blues is one of my favourite N-O jazz tunes... I think I would have loved this (minus the crowds) you caught wonderful expressions.

Virginia said...

Great great shots B. Love the light in the second one especially. Bet that was some more fun!

Paula said...

Wonderful portraits under difficult conditions, I think you did a splendid job of it. Our blues festival crept up on me - and was only a day - and then slipped away. It used to last all weekend. Times are hard I guess, even more reasons to sing the blues.

I'm a life long blues lover. Today I found out you can go to Clarksdale, MS and stay in the heart of blues country in done up but old share cropper's digs and the like. Not for everyone but certainly in the right place to immerse oneself in the blues (or so they say).