Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dream Land of Tibet

dream land

Bob sent a bunch of pix from a colorful market, this one I thought was best. Here is his description:
The Barkhor is the old Tibetan quarter in Lhasa, which is otherwise a modern Chinese city. Our guide said that most of the vendors are Chinese or Muslims from the northwest of China.

And for the below:
The Jokhan is the holiest temple in Tibetan Buddhism. It is located in the center of the Barkhor. What's inside is much grander than what you can see here. Large numbers of pilgrims from all over Tibet come here, circling the temple clockwise and chanting prayers.



Virginia said...

WEll I"m praying that you don't have to eat yak for 3 squares.

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i really like the blue gradient color of the sky., looks really good. nice shot.