Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Forest Park In Spring - Defeated Daffodils

Early spring flowers in Forest Park after rain. They look like they are dejected, or sad, or possibly bowing in obeisance to a greater blossom.

There is a black and white version of this photo
here. I like the color just a bit better but I could go either way.

Thursday Arch Series (with a new idea!) and a new Arch photo on Gateway. And it's a travel day, too.


Virginia said...

Nope color is the way to go on this one I think. Daffodils are pretty spunky. Bet they straightened right up when the sun came otu.. Love the background of this photo too.

PJ said...

Maybe they were just napping? They do have a way of rising and falling, they're definitely sun worshippers.

cieldequimper said...

Have a good trip! You'll only see daffs in the shade in Paris, the others have already waned and dried. In Versailles, however... ;-)

Bibi said...

Or bowing in awe of a great photographer? :<) But they should have stood straight up!

Olivier said...

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