Saturday, April 4, 2009


Didn't have anything worth posting from Forest Park, as I mentioned yesterday, so it's back to the Botanical Garden. A fellow photographer with a full kit shoots the cherry trees over a dusting of snow.

My iPod spontaneously decided to work again. I think it had something to do with my iTunes library. I don't use it since I only rip music from CDs, never download from iTunes, but the program needs the file. It was on the server at my office. We put in a new server with a different name and it drove iTunes crazy. I created a new library file and all is well. What a pain.

TOMORROW: There is supposed to be something absolutely crazy going on downtown today. I've been invited to photograph it. Won't say what it it is until I'm sure it comes off. Hey, wait! It happened! It happened! Giant pillow fight under the Arch! Stills and video here at 6:00 AM US Central Daylight Savings Time on Sunday (11.00 GMT).


cieldequimper said...

Oh Bob that's such a heavenly spring shot! Can't wait to see what the absolutely crazy thing downtown was!

Sharon said...

This photo is just stunning and the photographer in the corner is just a perfect addition. I love it.

PJ said...

Would love to have cherry blossoms rainging down on me. The photographer looks very serious. Do you tripod?

Antjas said...

I absolutely love this picture. It has an old world feel about it. Have you ever seen the outdoor photos of Czech photographer Josef Sudek?

Cergie said...

I like this picture it is like a painting completely full, no place for something else than flowers, the slope, a bit of sky, grass, the swinging trunks, the big straight one and the photographer just at the corner. Yes I like this picture a lot and enjoyed plenty of your other ones I discovered.
Olivier gave me the link to your blog. Maybe I'll met you with him in Paris next week.