Friday, March 20, 2009

I Love A Parade

From the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Some day in my spare time (ha!) I'd like to learn about the anthropology of parades. Almost all peoples do it, but why? What's the personal and social payoff? My guess is that its roots are in religious processions and the triumphal struts of military victors. If our readers know anything about this, please tell us in a comment.

5:00 - UP! 6:00 - this blog post is uploaded. Leave home for a hearing out in the boonies. 7:30 - meet client. 8:00 - appear at hearing in boonies. 9:00 - zoom back to office in St. Louis. 10:30 - frantically try to clear desk. 13:00 - fail to clean desk. Zoom home. 13:30 - frantically finish packing. 15:30 - arrive at airport. 17:00 - AA flight 5350 departs STL. 18:50. - AA 5350 arrives MSY. 20:00 - arrive at swanky hotel with low low recession prices. 20:30 - dinner in the Vieux Carre. 22:30 - Plop. Blink. Zzzzz.

I honestly don't know. Maybe something from the parade. Maybe something from tonight's destination. Maybe I won't have time to get something posted.


Virginia said...

Lifestyles of the rich and famous. Geeesshh Bob, at least we get to see your vacation pictures! Can't wait to see what you find in the Big Easy and hope you're flight is on time so you don't miss dinner!

U "R" Us said...

Yeah, dinner definitely sounds like the best part of that day. I'd be jealous of a meal just about anywhere in the VC. I share your curiosity about parades. They're kinda weird when you think about it.

Bob Crowe said...

Now, Virginia, remember this is a business trip. Important things to do Monday. I'm taking my wife down for the weekend purely from altruism, since Mrs. C. needs a little treat three an a half weeks after her hip replacement.

Jacob said...

Super photo! I find it most interesting that St. Louis would make such a big deal of St. Patrick's Day...are there a lot of Irish there or is this just another excuse to goof around?

cieldequimper said...

Don't frantically ;-) try to post anything, have a great weekend!