Saturday, February 7, 2009

St. Louis and Public Art

In the middle of the complex junction of two main highways, the city erected this steel sculpture. It's bright red and perhaps 10 meters tall. Cars whizzing by get only a glance. You can walk to it but few people would have any reason to be walking in the area. I can't find anything online that identifies it. The site contained this work until a few months ago, which was even harder to see. As some highway construction signs say, your tax dollars at work.

For the locals, this is in the I 44 - I 55 interchange, south of Lafayette Avenue.

WHAT FELL INTO MY POCKET TODAY: an iPhone. Woo hoo, new toy.

TOMORROW: a grand old building across the street (imitation Andreas Gursky shot).


Abraham Lincoln said...

I did think it was a stack of construction lumber when I saw the picture on the portal. I don't think much of it as art.

U "R" Us said...

Hrm. Yeah I dunno about that one either. Usually all for public art.

Wow, those iPhones seem to have that tendency, huh? I recommend the Todo and TWC (weather channel) apps! Not convinced the shopping list app I have (Mr. Lister) is best.

Knoxville Girl said...

hah! I'm with Abe on the artwork, but like your clever framing.

Virginia said...

I need to move directly and swiftly into the Public Art field. There must be buckets of money to be had for any damn thing.

iPHONE. I saw that coming. You are going to have to retire Bob. There aren't enough hours in the day to play with all the toys in your toy chest. Moi? well I'm still sitting on the fence about which external hard drive to buy. DUH!

Sparky said...

Actually this new work is approximately 81 feet tall, and was also paid for by the Gateway Foundation, not the city. It is entitled "Treemonisha" and is the work of Tennessee artist John Henry.

Bob Crowe said...

Thank you for that information, Sparky. I couldn't find it online. Most people wouldn't understand the reference in the sculpture's name. It is the title of the ragtime opera by the great Scott Joplin, which was produced here a few years ago. I personally like the work but I think it's a poor location.