Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We've Flown Back Home

It was a long day in the air yesterday, from Tokyo to Dallas-Fort Worth to St. Louis. Now we're back home, heavily jet lagged, but with American comfort food, The Daily Show and Colbert Report, and our own (soft!) bed. Everything went well on the trip - no late airplanes, no getting on the wrong Japanese train, no accidents. Perhaps by this weekend I'll write more detailed notes about our experience in Japan. One thing I can say quickly: we have never visited a country where we were more warmly and courteously received by everyone we met.

This photo above was taken from the ferry departing Niigata for Sado Island, posted here to represent our journey home.

Enjoying Japan but yearning for St. Louis

TOMORROW: back to The Lou and, um, probably the Thursday Arch Series.


Virginia said...

Pop that Bud and pass one to me. We must celebrate your safe return to the land of political circuses, crashing economy and cheeseburgers in paradise! We all need a little Arch tomorrow you know.

Snapper said...

Glad you're back safe and sound. And I know what you mean about futons. Looking forward to more of your notes on Japan...Matsuo Basho's travelogue Narrow Road To The Interior is my favrourite book. We watch The Daily Show online so you can see the episodes you missed there I think. I'm rambling. Welcome home!

The FĂȘte Society said...

I have a st. louis blog, too.

here's is my first wordless wednesday entry

stop by. have a great day

PJ said...

Welcome home Strangetastes. That is one long plane ride. You are definitely red, white, and blue to the core, no Asahi or Kirin for you. I haven't made it to your Flickr set but I'm looking forward to it. Get some sleep!

Knoxville Girl said...

welcome back - glad you & the mrs are safe & sound & had a great trip. That Bud is definitely for you.