Thursday, October 16, 2008

STL DPB On The Road: Thursday In Tokyo

Today we went to the Mori Tower and Art Museum in Roppongi. There is an outdoor observation deck on the 50-something floor. My wife and I thought long and hard about this sculpture but did not reach a conclusion. The building has what may be the world's highest contemporary art museum, the Mori Museum on the 54th floor. I think Mori-san is a very rich dude who likes to show it off in a high-brow way.

WHAT WAS THE WEIRDEST THING TODAY IN A WEIRD CITY: while trying to find our way our of the sprawling Roppongi Hills development, we got a bit lost. After coming down a staircase, we heard the ubiquitous sound system playing "A Pirate's Life For Me" from some Disney movie. We're not in Kansas any more.



Virginia said...

The playground called, they want their yellow and orange thingy back! Lord, this strange city is a good place for you. Have you blown out your memory card already?

Jason said...

Looks like the shape of a hippo's head just barely poking out of the water.

U "R" Us said...


Snapper said...

That sculpture leaves me scratching my head too but it's an artfully framed view of Tokyo and it's natives. Enjoy your travels!

Pat said...

love the pics.

Virginia said...

S.T., I am worried. You didn't eat any of that "poisonous" fish did you ???? Yikes! Well, what am I thinking? You ARE on vacation after all. We will patiently await the next photos. Enjoy youselves.

PJ said...

I'm voting for a hippo influence. It's the thin air up there on the umpteenth floor, makes people giddy.

Kim said...

I am loving this trip!
It would not have occurred to me that this would be a shot, the way you shot it. But it is. The centered bright sculpture, the woman's blue coat and boots pulling the eye left and the couple in black on the other side acting as foil, and all of Tokyo out before them. It's great!
My impression of the sculpture is that its a hippopotamus head just surfacing (I had a lot of sightings of them in just this postion. . .at Disneyland which was in my hometown.:-)
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