Friday, October 3, 2008

The Sacred and the Profane

This bizarre combination of messages is on the Catholic church in my neighborhood. Maybe if you become Catholic you get a discount on admission to the mouse races ($15 seems a bit steep). But then that would be unfair to the people who already were Catholic before the races were scheduled. What happens at church-sponsored mouse races, anyway? It this some form of rodent abuse in which the little critters are forced to leap through hoops of rosary beads and piles of burning incense to reach their eternal reward? Should we call down the animal protection office on the archbishop? Maybe being Catholic is more exciting than you think.

WHAT I THOUGHT ABOUT THE VP DEBATE: as I write this near the end, Palin is doing a creditable job. No gaffes. Articulate, well-prepared and confident. Biden is coming across as even better-spoken. He's not babbling on or being condescending. He is more authoritative, knowledgeable and seasoned. Biden won. But then I am biased (see left sidebar). In any event, there was a lot less BS than at the first Obama-McCain debate last week. And both of them are a lot warmer then the heads of their tickets.

TOMORROW: Iron Chef?


tr3nta said...

this is a very ironic composition... great eye i like it!!!

Virginia said...

S.T. I expect your there on the front row on the 11th to capture the winning rodent as he dashes across the finish line! It won't be all that bad, they're selling beer.

About the debate, I'll try and keep it family friendly. She reminded me of someone who was running for Secretary of the Student Council. She had memorized the speech Mom wrote for her and if you interrupted her in the middle of a sentence, she would have to go back and start all over. Wink , wink.

Pat said...

I grew up catholic. I bet there's gambling involved. And beer. And all things fried.

$15 for beer, doesn't really matter if the mice are there or not, they'll pack the house.

what's the mouse holding? A poker chip? Life preserver?

Wayne said...

No one will pay to see dead mouse races even for free beer.

My opinion of Sarah Palin is not fit for publication. I'm Canadian, she isn't my problem. We have our own nincompoops to contend with.

Virginia said...

I think that darn rodent ( maybe his name is Joe Six Pack) is carrying a discus because these mice are apparently in the Catholic semifinals for the decathalon to be held in Vatican City!

Wayne, I so dearly wish that Sarah Palin weren't our problem , but she is....

Isadora said...

:) As a former Catholic I could not tell you about the live mouse races - it must be new age Catholic :)

On the other hand, I can refer you to similarly funny announcements at the following links:

Have a wonderful week-end.