Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fourth of July in Ridgewood, New Jersey

According to my esteemed brother-in-law, Melvin Mark, Ph.D., Chairman, Department of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, the caption for this picture should be:

When you're serving Corona to friends, don't be shellfish.

He suggested that I offer the photo to Corona for one million dollars, plus another million for the slogan. Seems reasonable to me. I get a commission on his part 'cause I put it on the Web.

My (other) sister and brother-in-law have a family tradition of extravagant Independence Day parties. The photo is but a sample.

TOMORROW: What happened to Ming the Merciless and Strangetastes when they took on NYC with cameras for weapons?
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Nathalie said...

A little gem! When Melvin is tired of psychology he can reinvent himself as a caption writer!.

Frozen claws clutching a cold beer. But does beer really go with shellfish? The French would go for a dry white wine. Beer would be seen as heresy!

Nathalie said...

And oh, how I look forward to tomorrow!

Virginia said...

Great photo and slogan. I think your brainy brother -in-law may be onto something. Hope your family enjoyed the 4th. So how many Corona's did you crack open? And Nathalie, we have a saying here in the US of A, "Beer, it's not just for breakfast anymore!" :)

iBlowfish said...

This is cool shot, title should be, lobster cannot help itself from keeping their claws from corona. And you know what, be ready to hear from Corona soon.

U "R" Us said...

BWAAAAAHAHAHA! Oh man. I missed out on some classic silliness there.