Sunday, October 7, 2007

Marathon Man

Well, half-marathon man. Chicago photo blogger U "R" Us is in town for the weekend. He is training for the half-marathon (13+ miles or a tad over 21 km) at the Detroit Marathon in two weeks. He ran 14 miles / 22.5 km on a hot St. Louis morning. It is supposed to be autumn but it was 90 F / 32 C here today.

The picture was taken on Eads Bridge (see also here). It was completed in 1874 and was the first span across the mid and lower Mississippi River.

TOMORROW: alligator on a stick


Rambling Round said...

Seems it was hot all over the Midwest today. Hope the weather is more cooperative for this upcoming marathon than it was for Chicago.

Gregg said...

I heard the Chicago marathon got called, and 250 people were hospitalized from heat related symptons!

As far as running 14 miles, I walk 4.5 per day and couldn't image running 3 times that much!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

What were you doing while U R Us was jogging? From the photo, it looked like you were either you were jogging with him or you were on a bike. :-)

Strangetastes said...

Ming - my son called on his cell when he started his run a mile or two away from this location. I parked in the Arch garage and walked out over the bridge to wait for him. At four points along the bridge, the path widens to create an overlook - you can see this on the left. That gave me space to shoot and for him to run around me.

Walking across the Mississippi on Eads Bridge is a cool thing to do if you visit STL.

• Eliane • said...

Ah, I thought he was running the Chicago marathon, which was brutal from what I read.
The arch is really everywhere!