Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hip Hop Kids

Back to dancers to help me fill a very, very busy week. These kids were terrific. I can't dance to save my life. The very thought of trying to do so reminds me of the famous (to the initiated) Firesign Theatre line, "He's no fun, he fell right over." (Some explanation here - scroll about a third of the way down the page or search for the word "fall." Well, I guess you had to be there. )

A game of tag is going around CDPB. I have been tagged by by Victoria of Joplin, Missouri and Viola, who I believe is in State College, Pennsylvania. See Victoria's post of Tuesday for an explanation of the rules. With the way my time is stretched at the moment, I'm not going to pass the tag along but I jotted down eight interesting (or not) gee-whiz facts about myself:

  1. When I was in high school, I held the door open for Jacqueline Kennedy and her children leaving a theater in NYC. This was after Jack died. Such days of innocence.
  2. I have rheumatoid arthritis but the rapid advances in treatment control it very well.
  3. According to a web site that lets you track this, I have had the privilege of visiting 34 countries if you count Vatican City and Gibraltar. .
  4. I grew up on the very same block in Queens, New York, where NYC CDPBer Ming the Merciless lives now.
  5. I am the oldest of four children. All of us are still on our first marriages.
  6. I met my wife in a bar on St. Patrick ’s Day 34 years ago.
  7. My son calls me Bob and my wife mom, following the example of Bart Simpson. My daughter sometimes calls me Bruce. Click here for the reason. We can recite this together from memory.
  8. When my daughter was a toddler, I taught her to sing Frank Zappa's "Dog Breath In the Year Of the Plague." She still loves me for it.
  9. Bonus factoid: I was at Woodstock.
TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series


maria elisa said...


TeamSplashi said...

WoW that is grat photo, and your blog looks kind of profesional.
Cheers :)

U "R" Us said...

Hey I think you got the link wrong for the Firesign explanation...

Strangetastes said...

Oops, you're right. Too much cuttin' and pastin' going on. Problem corrected.

Teamsplashi: thanks for the compliment! I'm certainly not a professional (in this field, anyway) but I love photography and put a lot of time and effort into it. And I'm no Photoshop expert but I can edit pictures.

Kate said...

Well, you lucky man, you won the postcard from visualstpaul. Check my email on my profile, and send me your address so I can mail the card. Your photo today is outstanding.

Lolololori said...

what group of Hip Hip kids is this? I hope they're local!

Jilly said...

Love this photo. You can just feel the energy of the kids.

Love your random facts - well except the arthritis with which I sympathise.

Waldo Oiseau said...

I think yours is the most kicka#$ "Eight Interesting Facts" I've read! I was just tagged by another CDPB member ... I don't think anyone can beat yours!

Gregg said...

That whole day at Grand Center was amazing. I will certainly be looking for a repeat next year. My family stood transfixed at the Washington Ave. stage for hours. Between that stage, the Fox, and the Continental Building, we never got to half of what was going on!

Ming the Merciless said...

Amazing action shot!!

They are really insync!!